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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Garden Guide, WWII leaflet: July

Hello everybody.

Let us firs address the Guide itself, and later on we'll be "talking" about whnat must hang on your door on today's morning. :)
By all means, what matter the MOSt at this time of year is WATER (not only will your planlife die off without it - but you should seriously consider taking a lot of it youself).

What else must be done in the garden?


Now, let me tell you what you must have 
above your door on today's morning:

A wreath. :)

As an object, wreath had a clear function and symbolism. Its presence was usually reflected on the meaning and role of the person who was wearing it, or the space where it was present. Because of these implications, it was transferred to artreadily, where its functions and meaning were kept.
Like many other pagan motives, with similar connotations it was conveyed into the Christian art, where it participated in new theological reality, together with the prominent symbolic arrangements.

The wreath hung last night
on the gate of my house. 
(yeah - that's my address tile) :)

In our language, the term "wedding" ( we say: "venčanje", it origin being "venac", which is "wreath" in english) has a history behind it. Back in the day, the marital "crown" that the bride and groom wear at the wedding ceremony was made out of flowers and herbs; only later was the all-natural approach to wedding ceremony substituted with wearing a metal crown (resembling that of a king).
So, how did it come to placing wreaths on the entrance of a home?
Orginally, the traditional wreath had it's superstition: it was make by the young lady of the house, she'd use all her skills and adorn it as much as she can - since it's ment to be stolen. Oh, yes: stolen by the future suitor. A missing wreath was a true sing of girl getting married that year.

I made two wreaths for my family. One is for my "old" house - that I still live in (and that we hang WAY up, above the hallway entrance - that's my mom's sence of humor.. try stealing that). The other was made for my new home.. placed in such a position that it makes your eyes pop. :)
Today, I've made FOUR more: for the Mayor's secretary, for my colleague, for another colleague (the preacher's wife - go figure!) and for the municipal building itself..

Me, with scissors
wearing linen dress and flats, (since it's 30 Celsius allready);
in front of the entrance to my workplace. :)

I hope you have a great day... and tell me: do you make wreaths?


  1. I hope the preacher steals his wife's wreath!

    Your grey dress is really nice - smart and cute at the same time.

    1. He-he-he.
      Thank you for your kind words. I,like the dress, it's made out of linen, and it's so light and airy. The picture does in no good, since it a light green color; and in a heat-wave like this it's perfect wear.


  2. Lovely post, honey. I'm a huge fan of wreaths as well! We don't have a garden of our own, so mine are usually store bought, be they from fresh or dried greens/sticks/etc, but without fail, one is on the door pretty much all year round, as I currently have four reusable ones (one for fall, winter, spring, and summer). They add so much beauty to a door and just make visitors feel all the more welcome right off the bat.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Yeah, Jessica.. wreaths are a addition to an outdoor decor.
      I have seen them beings sold over here, too. Majority are made out of plastic, and can be used over and over (it's what we call "fake flowers").
      But, folks also sell "ready to hang" natural ones, that they wove themselves. Imagine that: I could have earned money; however I do not believe you should take money for something like that. :)