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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

BURDA Wednesday, February 1958, part I

Hello there

And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” 
― F. Scott FitzgeraldThe Great Gatsby

Starting bright!

Verpoorten makes Advocaat
(and Advocaat is an alchoholic beverage similar to "egg-nogg"
made out of eggs, sugar and brandy)

"Placentubex", my dear fiends is a
hormonal moisturizing cream
(sounds scary - but aren't ALL of our creams
nowadays filled with some thing or another?!)

Perfect page:
bright, contrasting colors
great fashion.

Here, the editor gives us a "green light for wearing red"

I must say: these cuts are interesting
and I'd wear all of them.

Great blouses,
wonderful makeup and earring
...and feather-looking pen? ...yes, please.

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful bouses
in every single way.

What to wear to work?
Here's what.
And don't skip wearing a hat.

A bit stronger arch on the eyebrows, but it suits her well.

I like the pattern of the material
sturdy-looking and conservative
(just what I like)

"Beautiful street clothes
for the first warm days"

"Тhey want to know what they eat"
a margarine advertisment 
(oh, how the times have changed...)

This is why I love burda magazine:
bigger can be beautiful!
(they feature ALL sizes)

Here's something NEW:
a page called:
"Amateurs are making fashion"
I guess it's a way to promote sewing all over.

Elegant sleepwear.

Pop of color:
Spring's suits.

We'll stop here.
Don't moan - more will come next week. :)


..and this is me, today,
on one of the hottest days this year:

It's summertime in 1964 over here. :)
The dress is from a used "imported" clothes shop
(clothes comes in sacs from Germany)
there was no need to give it any touching-up

Have a great mid-week.

If any of you is having some summer vacation - enjoy it for my sake. :)


  1. Oh, dress ENVY! That is so cute! It looks like it must be really comfortable in the heat, too.

    I would wear pretty much everything in that issue of Burda, the outfits are just perfect.

    1. Oh, thank you ever so much, dear Mim.
      As you've said: most of the items in this issue of Burda truly are magnificent and I'd wear them without a blink. I'm pulled in by their simple decoration (like the embroidery on the collar and the tiny bow on the hat - it really IS a detail that makes a look)..


  2. Ooohh, those blouses! It's fascinating to watch, week by week, how more and more of the defining styles and silhouettes of the 60s are starting to pop up in Burda.

    Speaking of great 60s looks, your dress is fantastic! What a fun, cheerful pattern. I have such a soft spot for zipper front dresses. It's really surprising that more repro companies don't recreate this style. They were hugely popular back in the day.

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Jessica,
      You've said it - the blouses left me speechless, too. They are simple, yet versatile. They can be used over and over, by combinig them with warious clothes.. what makes them perfect for a minimalistic wardobe (like mine).
      About my dress: thank you.
      You know how hard it is for me to "pose" in front ot he "masses". Fortune has is, this blog does not have so many visitors, so not many folks get to look at my facial expressions.. my blog is not a mainstream thing - it's more like a modern-art museum nnetly tucked-up in a back alley. :)