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Friday, 5 June 2015

Milady in Midsomer.. how to dress to welcome the Sunny Days ...and a strange tale on me getting a puppy

Hello everyone

Since we have had a few sizzling days over here (alas, I'm not handling that much Sunshine as well as other folks do).. I find these images quite appropriate.


For all of you out there who haven't seen my Instagram photos - there's significantly less of ME, and much more of nature and a puppy. :)
Here's why:
I'm a bit tired and on a sick leave, so I'm not much of a "sight for sore eyes". On the other hand, all the magnificent nature that surrounds me illuminates liveliness and deserves as much photo-space as one can give it. Lastly, there's the matter of the "new puppy" that I've got.. saved.. (the truth is: the fella gave it to me in exchange for a used car battery - yes, folks do that).

I solemnly admit it: she's irresistible. :)

Story goes:
My dad told me there's this No One In Particular who has these puppies. He's selling them for 50 EUR a "piece". For my current situation, that mighty pricey, but considering that this breed has a value of about 300 EUR per pup, I went along with it and gave the pups a look.
A look of horror.
There they were, seven sibling, sitting in a wired-up "20 minute job" sort of an enclosure, that measures 1,2 times 1,2 meters. Never cleaned, bowl (one!) was never washed. Next to the enclosure was a pile of cow manure (his words were "it's ripening right now, I'll deal with it later").
He asked for money or "anything we can spare". I could; at that moment "spare" him a lot of nasty words, by out of respect for my dad.. I swallowed the anger and took one pup - one SAVED.
She was taken to the wet, weighted.. and she's undernourished (no surprise there). She was vaccinated with vitamins, and given medications to clear her tummy from any and all potential pests that are sitting in there. Then I took her back with us and gave a wash (image in the far right corner is taken right after she had her first bath). Water was black. Black.. and (mind me) quite smelly.
Right now, I'm learning about dogs.
I had cats all my life, you see.
But, due to the fact that I'll be moving soon (far away - across the street, story on that will come soon, trust me) I need a dog. Large one. Hence this puppy. She's Yugoslav Shepherd Dog - follow the link and you'll learn that they grow quite BIG.
Do I know how much puppies eat? No.
Do I know what s the meaning of some sounds she's making? No.
..but I have a vet, and a lot of folks wiling to help me - and help ŠARKA as well. 

If you are "in the know" - lend a helping hand.
Both of us will appreciate it.
(just look at THOSE eyes)   :)

Have a GREAT day, my dear friends.


  1. Your puppy is so beautiful. I hope the other puppies quickly found new homes.

    1. Thank you, dear Dawn.
      Your words mean a lot to me.


  2. Aw, she is absolutely beautiful. I'm glad you were able to rescue at least one dog from the breeder. I showed my husband the photo and he thinks Sharka is gorgeous too. He'd love a dog, but we're not at home enough during the day to get one. (The cat doesn't mind us going out.)

    I hope you are feeling a bit better today, and that you're able to get plenty of rest.

    1. Thank you, Mim.
      Really: THANK you. It means a LOT to read kid words, from familiar folks.

      Huge hug

  3. Oh my word, thank you, thank you a million times over for rescuing this incredibly precious pup for the absolutely squalid and miserable sounding like that she was born into. You have given her a fur-ever (a cutesy North American term) home and I am so proud of, and happy for you and darling Sharka.

    I wish I could hug you both right now - and then let Annie and Sharka have a puppy play date. Those first few months (with a new dog) are often anything but easy and there will be plenty of learning for both of you (I speak from experience!), but much like with babies, when you look back later on, you'll find yourself remembering the best parts and almost forgetting the others, thanks to the endless joy that your dog has brought into your life.

    So much love to you both!!!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Hug is received and I give one back. :)
      I'm a romantic and sentimental - you know that. But rescuing a dog is not merely a thing of emotions.. it's an obligation (or should be). If we breed dogs - we should make SURE they get the life they deserve.

      I'm going to take on that offer - and I'll ask away... believe me, questions are piling up. :)