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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Love Story: Alibi of Anguish

Hello everybody.

Already? So, this means my sick-leave is almost over - and as much as I'm in that "not back to school again, mom" kind of mood, I'm rested and ready.. two more days and, as soon as Wednesday arrives (together with my dear magazine scans) I'll be back at my desk; snapping those dreadful red-lisp and blush selfes with the pink wall behind me.. you know, the ones you're SO used to. :)

Today is not a day to think about work.
No, no.
Today is the day for you to enjoy your weekly dose of romance, and for me to head up to Farmer's Market and get my cat food + something for my puppy (yes, they sell imported canned-tuna and such goodies, that both I and my dog like, too).

Without further ado, romance-yourselves:

Me.. I love her green ensemble. And would not mind flaunting it around the office.

Have a great day.

To all of you, who have given me kind words and welcomed my new friend - THANK you! :) I hope we'll do OK, and you'll surely read more about it.


  1. That's such a great title, Alibi of Anguish!! Thanks for sharing x

  2. The red swing jacket on the first page is just to die for!

  3. I like the sweetheart neckline on the red dress.

    I hope you are feeling properly better. I never thought of dogs eating tuna, but I suppose they do eat most things! Won't the cat try to steal it?