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Monday, 8 June 2015

House is a home: Shoreside Homarina and Dock

Hello everyone

With thoughts of summer in everyone's mind (on this hemisphere, naturally), we're all looking at pictures of vacation places, pictures of vacations we wen n the pars, pictures of other folk's vacations.. for remembering, for getting ideas.. for daydreaming (this last one is my case) :)
I have a reason not to plan a vacation - it's not in my financial plan for this year (surely, you too have a plan, if you're making some large project that tends to "eat up" all your money).


Nevermind that.
It's not my first vacation-free year. As a matter of fact, times were quite.. fluctuating back in the past, when I was a toddler, Not that we (the kids) minded, because my granddad had a saying:

"Why go t o the seaside,
when I can fill you a tin-bath in back yard?!"

With my mother nagging, bagging and arguing set aside "for later" - granddad and I would pull the tub out in the morning, and fill it up with water. COLD water. The thing with filling the tub with cold water had it's reasons.
1. Warming the water costs - and the sun will warm in up for free
2. It prevents the child (me!) to get inside in the morning, and risk catching a cold
3. It gives the child a lesson that things a worth the wait AND gives the child sufficient time to roam around the house in a search for a perfect toy to bring into the tub.

Well, of course! :) 
We never moved, and to tell the truth this picture was taken 
right at the spot where the tub was
(now in a shade, because the tiny tree has grown)
Pardon the bare-face... :)

So, in my case; being "less fortunate" was not something we used in our daily vocabulary. Those LESS fortunate were the kids who had to suffer the super-long ride up to the seaside (risking to get car-sick and all that nonsense of holding up a barf-bag in your hands so you don't "mess up" daddy's back seat) :) LESS fortunate were those kids who, after suffering the ride had only 7 or 10 days of joy, since those were the kids with no back yard, and no tub... 
Me? I had a summer-long tin-tub FUN! :)

I guess all those "less fortunate"
folks back then might have had one house like this:

Still: I'd change nothing in my growing up.
Waiting for the tin to get hot and therefore heat up the water, choosing a rubber toy to bring along, having a ingenious granddad that would make me a "resort" (yeah, he'd even bring an old umbrella and set it as my "tropical shade" and sometimes go all the way by putting a plant next to my bath - talking about perfectionism)
Have you ever had those outdoor bathing-days?


  1. Your grandfather was so sweet.

    The photo of you playing in the tub is so cute. I love your little watering can, and the toy kitten next to Porky Pig is adorable. Your doll looks like she is enjoying her shower. :-)

  2. Your story is just perfect. It sounds like the best summer ever!

  3. How lovely that you still have your tub toy. We never got to go away on holiday either. I minded at the time, but now, not so much. I'd only have got sunburned! Plus when you stay at home, all your books are there...