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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Burda Wednesday: November 1957, part III

Hello everyone

А bit of a chilly morning today, but I don't mind. Having a lot of high-temperature days has drained my energy, so this cool-down comes as a relaxment to me. I'm not much of a hot-summer-day kind of a gal, and I prefer a dash of chill in the morning air - it invigorates.

What else invigorates (at least my mood)?
The weekly dose of Burda magazine... and, I'll bore you no more - here's our dosage:

The kitty-cake is something I'll surely make
one day.. you just wait.. :)

Telefunken radio.
Yes, I'd be more than hapy to have one - a functional one.

Some might think that having a rug is out-dated..
but there are still many, many folks
still hold them dear (and they ARE lovely)

I still can't wrap my mind around
this bra.. sorry, folks. :)

Adorable dress.

12 tips for working
(alas, I can't be the one translating these)
I only get the first one:
"wear simple but tastefully coordinated clothing"
I agree with that. :)

Not necessarily; yuo could make the form, 
but change the material - and it's an elaborate cocktail dress. :)

My word, these look tasty. make your table festive
(remember: this Is November issue)

So, back in the day, serving in glass
was a highly fashionable.
(well, it's 100 time more appealing than plasitic OR cardboard) :)

Your 10 days of dieting.

WAter-filtering system?
Sure, why not.. it's not a modern-age thing.

We end this issue with a sewing-course.

I hope you'll have a magnificent day!


  1. The kitty is a cake? I thought from the photo that it was made out of oranges or grapefruit!

    I can just imagine my husband's face if I served him liver in cabbage sauce... I like liver, so I eat it on nights when he's doing something else.

    1. Actually, Mim..
      After much consideration - I'd say, kitty is not a cake (you are right). :)
      Still, it looks adorable.


  2. Oh my word how the weeks fly by, one tumbling headlong into the next at the speed of light. Can it really be time for another Burda post already? I'm glad that is though, of course, as they're a highlight of the week for me and never cease to inspire me. I know how immensely full your hands are right now with a certain four legged someone, so I really appreciate you sharing a new edition even more.

    You've both been in my thoughts so much lately and I truly hope that you're getting along well. These first few months with a new dog are never as you expected and they're utterly exhausting at time, but it's beyond worth it and before you know it, your wee pup will be a hulking adult dog who has become your best animal friend.

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica