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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Love Story: Spell of the East

Hello everybody

Today is the day of the races. Horse harness races, that is. My dad is an avid fan (never a gambler, just a person that genuinely cares about the gorgeous animals that are the horses - one day I'll post about his paintings on the subject). 
I think I might tag along - I am yet to decide.. but, for now, let us not think about men driving a cart (something that always reminds me of "Ben Hur" and the race-part of the film). For now, let us focus on our own "subject of the day"...

...a new Love Story:

I love her striking hairstyle - the "wings" on the sides look amazing.. and the color is not-so-orange, just great. As I've said before: these magazines were not printed JUST to give us our dose of romantic glowing.. they were, in a way, there to promote clothing styles, way to use words.. and social norms... 

As for me:

Life is good:
I've got my hair bobbed again 
the peonies are blooming
"Bernice" is back's all approved by a kitty. :)

Are you following me on Instagram? Am I following you (if I'm not - I will) :)
Happy Sunday.


  1. Oh, I love peonies! You're definitely a few weeks ahead of us, gardening-wise; mine are still in bud. And your bob looks fantastic.

    I shall hunt you down on Instagram.

  2. Your hair looks so cute at this length. A bobbed cut suits you splendidly, my dear!

    Happy mid-May wishes!
    ♥ Jessica