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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Love Story: I took the wrong road

Hello everybody.

It is a stunning Sunday morning.
I'm off to buy a pelargonium plant (you might call it: geranium, or: storksbills); for all those who still haven't got the idea - THIS is what I'm writing about. 

Sure, we have them, too
Ours like to mingle on a cart
(reconstructed by my dad for sole purpose of mom having loads of flowers on them)

Pelargoium comes on all colors. It's super-popular in our gardens, it hangs for so many windows, it's in a lot of pots.. and my friend (dear, dear gal) hasn't got a single one. Well, that must be corrected. :)

As four you all - there's a lovely story (as always on a Sunday morning):

What a story!


Seeing this on a Sunday morning
really is therapeutic. 

(soon, I'll post more about my flowers... they are still a bit shy, but once they bloom..) :)


  1. Hello Maja,
    The photo of the cart which your Dad reconstructed looks very familiar. Wasn't sure where I have seen the area before until I remembered a photo with you & the bicycle taken here. Looking forward to the photos when the flowers bloom.

  2. Oooh, I love the flower cart. Pelargoniums always make me think of southern Spain, they love them down there.