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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Burda Wednesday: October 1957, part III

Hello everyone

These past few days we have had a lot of rain. Not much to do outside, and one can only sit in her room and make plans for lovelier times.
Rainy mid-week calls for a fashion-boost.

There is something soothing
about 1950s porcelain - it's simple and useful

So few of the ladies are blessed with amazing skin
the rest of us need some "help".

Never underestimate the fact that
your hands are something a lot of people look at
so keep 'em tidy

Minus: "pounds lighter"
...and her suit is wonderful.

Tips for Winter 1957-1958
(alas, I can't read this)

Absolutely breathtaking
exclusive model

I like the "small bites" recipes
they call out for cellebration. :)

My favorite pattern,
and apples (my favorite food)

I'm seriously thinking about adorning my future living room
with something similar to these 

Burda "special edition"
(no, darlings - I do not have that one)

Sewing cours..
even images may be helpful.

"Nervous? Irritated?"
...aren't we all, at some times...

I hope your weather is better than mine
If not, at lest we get to see somethig "bright" on these pages. :)


  1. I like the look of those apples stuffed with cabbage - they'd be delicious with roast goose at Christmas!

  2. This might seem like an odd thing to hone in on, but what is that wrap that the woman is wearing on her head in the small B&W photo on the first page? Is it for hiding curlers? Is it a hair accessory unto itself? I'm intrigued and kind of entirely want one, even though I'm not certain what it is. :)

    Big hugs & many happy Thursday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica