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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Burda Wednesday: October 1957, part II

Hello everyone

After last night's massive storm, we are having another tropical day. I'm an early morning person (not just due to the fact that my work starts at 07:00).. today, when I woke up it was already 17 degrees Celsius (let me convert for you: that is 63F).

Every moment of fresh breeze is highly welcomed.. and until I get an actuall breeze, I'll "freshen" u by gazing at these amazing Budra pages- Do join me. :)

I love the choice in bright, bold colors that this magazine featured. Nothing tells "it's Spring" better than wearing bright and flashy outfit. me, in this image:
the brightest red I've ever seen. :)

With my brightest and happiest mood, I wish you the best day you can imagine!


  1. You look fantastic in bright red!

  2. That colour really suits you!

    How hot it must be where you are - it's about 17 degrees at midday here, though May has been unusually cold.