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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Love Story: Rich man's Darling

Hello everybody!

Rain has stopped. It might not return all day long, and that gives me just about enough time to do some outdoor jobs that need doing: shopping (naturaly!) is the first thing on my list - and will be done as soon as I hit "publish" on this post. :)
I'm planing on getting down and dirty, since April is THE month for "being green". All the garden landscaping - if you want it done for this year's delights - make sure to do them NOW.
In case you're not in the know, here's the Gardening Leaflet for April, it will surely give you some "push" into right direction.

If you're like me - spending the day outdoors
this love story will be waiting for your return:

Oh, and another thing: yesterday I did a swap (some of you might have seen it already, since I got so excited and published a photo on my Instagram). My neighbor has given me bunch of magazines, and I gave her some vitamins for the animals (what? it's a fair trade..).

House decoration magazine "Your idea" and
gardening magazine "My pretty garden"

Now that you know this, you can surely expect my post to feature some images from these - since the magazines are best source of inspiration.
Have a great Sunday!

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