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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Kay Frances' style secrets - revealed!

Hello everybody!

What I love about old magazines are exactly these "feature" articles - they give us such a splendid image of what the ladies back in the day were striving to, and looking up to. These little pieces of (some would say: insignificant) history, are a true way to discover what was going on in the mind of a woman (just like ourselves) back in history.

Take a look at this lovely article on Style:

Her seven rules of Style are truly timeless. at least I believe them to be. 
Take rule number one, for instance: it's a spot-on reminder to all who like to "let go" once they are "off the clock" or "out of sight" - so Kay said: never let yoursleves look like a rag-doll. Because: every day is a holiday, a celebration of a beautiful life and a joy that we have of boing born as beautiful female! :)


  1. 'Never buy clothes because they're practical.' Good advice that. I've got some hideous things that I bought because they would be practical, and I hate them when I wear them - but I end up in them because I've failed to buy something practical *and* pretty to replace them.

    She must have had acres of black velvet in her wardrobe!