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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Burda Wednesday: August 1957, part III

Hello everyone.

It's a bright and sunny spring's day - and I am delighted to see it is finally here to stay: the blooms are all out in our faces, the leaves are starting to appear, it's high time for fellas mowing the grasses in fron of their houses (it's their job, and as I walk by - they seem to enjoy doing it; flauting their mowers in fron to the neighbors) :)

Since it is Wednesday, and it IS sort of a ritual, I hereby give you another set of images from our darling Burda magazine. Let's head back in time, to August 1957.

(not much fashion here, but a lot of sociology and history of homemaker's lives).

One thing I'm sure of: both of the calistenic exercises are
helpful for one's back (tried and tested)

World's most famous brand. It is, truly IS. You know: there is NOT a single car without a part manufactured by Bosch. Even it's name "boshc pump" is universal, since no one else have ever been producing it. :)

SPALT - "Freed from pain" :)

Easiest one of them all,
perfect for beginners: cross-stich
..because I believe anyone can make a tiny cross - and keep going.

I think it's a washing machine,
but I'm not sure.

Almost hidden by all the ads,
but noticed by my eye: 
lovely dress - perfect for late spring and early summer.

Let LEDER be aour choice for sproty-elegant style.
Say, do we even have that style nowadays?

Deserves it's title: exclusive model.

Great thing about summer
is that you've got largest variety of
fresh procduce to make sweets from.

I shall not give more comment, since I'm allergic.

If you're wondering about fashionable colors,
they are, as follows:
apricot, sand and florida-blue.

Best for your salad:
pure lemon juice.

"Nothing but barbecue in your head"

A little bit of "now and then"
the simsuit edition.

Sewing course:
how to make perfect pocket.

Funny thing:
"Not only for small noses"

I don't know about you, but back in time when I was a kid, I remember my mom yelling after me (practically EVERY time I'd leave the house). She'd yell out "Have you taken your hankie?!" Yes, mom - I have. :) She dreaded the imago of my runny nose being seen, and she was mindful of my own reputation in society from the earliest age. So: thanks to her - no one has ever seen me with a runy nose. :)

I'm yet to find a yellow clothing item.
Simply: it's a color that's hard to preserve in time
(eather it fades, or gets nasty staines...)

Well.. I wish you have lots of sunshine.. and some leisure time!


  1. I wish you lots of sunshine too!

    It's interesting seeing that cross-stitch tablecloth; I have a lot of British needlework magazines from the same era, but the styles favoured are very different. It's interesting how clothes look so similar, and even some of the products in adverts are the same, but the crafts for the home differ so much between Germany and Britain.

  2. Those knits are fabulous! I really like the perky, cheerful yellow set. It sings with the spirit of spring (and also reminds me of similarly hued pieces my mom had back in the 80s).

    I hope you're doing well and having a lovely week, my darling friend. You're in my thoughts and I'm wishing you a super fun weekend!

    ♥ Jessica