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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Back when "pinning" was not a social network thing.

Hello everyone!

Remember the time when pinning was something that included an actual metal pin? And, in that time, remember seeing adorable little pin cushions and ways to make them yourself? Well, this s one of those times. :)

Many of you may have a "tomato" cushion, or one of those useful hat-looking items that you can attach to your wrist.. but how many of you have.. a hedgehog?

So - let's make one!

While this pattern might seem a bit scary to the beginners - trust me: it's quite easy. All you need to s to print out these pages on a regular paper, and cut it out. 

(original sizes are set to A4 paper size)
Parts are, as follows:
1. side part - cut two pieces
2. back part - cut one
3. belly - cut one piece

This is your back part - the full thick red line.

This is your hedgehog's belly - the thick red line

This is the side - thick red line.

Next thing is to find some scrap material you've got here or there. No material? No problem: surely you've got some old skirts, shirts.. socks? Believe me, anything can do.

In case you're wondering WHY should you
make a hedgehog:
because they are adorable in nature! :)

Now, read this carefully: in order to make this hedgehog properly, we will require to add a "seem allowance" - meaning: once you trace your paper cut-out to your material DO NOT cut on the line; but leave 1.2 cm (1/2 inch) of outside space... That is done, my friends, because we're going to sew on the line. :)

...and they are playful.

If you don't have a sewing machine - no worries. This little fella is quite small, and doing it by hand is no fussy business. 
Remember: we are sewing ON THE LINE! :)
Shall we assemble:
Sew the side parts together - from the position marked with number 1, to the position marked with number 2. Place side parts (faces of your fabric one toward another) and sew between number 1 and number 3. Once you've done that - sew between number 2 and number 4.
You're dong great!
Now, we need to attach the belly from the position marked with number 3, up to number 4; but leave a tiny gap so that you can fill it in later on.

...and friendly

Flip the assembled hedgehog and go get some cotton wool. Me, personally, I like to squeeze in a piece of cardboard on the bottom (just cut it out from the pattern - the belly part - and make it a few millimeters smaller - so it fits). In my opinion, this makes it "stand" better. And, I also like putting some tiny stones with the wool (only on the bottom) - so it gets a bit heavier.
How much should you stuff in? Depends solely on your preference: how sturdy you want it to be, and how "fat" you want your new friend to look.
That tiny gap you've been using to stiff the hedgehog - time to stitch it up.

..AND endlessly goofy!

Get some cute looking pins; you know: the ones with large heads in lots of colors - and add the "spikes" to your hedgehog.. and we're DONE. :)
I hope you liked this.
If you venture into making it - let me know.
Have a GREAT weekend!


  1. Aw so cute, I love hedgehogs!

    1. Thank you ever so much, dear Ann.
      Have a great Sunday!


  2. What a cute project! Those little hedgehog photos have made me happy.

    1. I'm so glad to hear I've made someone's day better.
      Thank you, dear.


  3. Such a marvelous project, but I'm getting dizzy watching at those lines, quickly losing survey! I made a clay hedgehog, once, at nursery school. Bit easier material for me to work with! ;-)

    1. Darling Lindsay.
      It just might seem scary at the beginning - but following the lines and sewing from one nuber to another is all it's about. :)


  4. I love a hedgehog pin cushion! I made one a few years ago for my little sister and every time she found a stray pin on the floor she loved to put it back in Mr hedgehog! Very simple project. Thanks for sharing!

    1. He-he...
      That is a great thing to hear.
      I liked, when I was a child, to make lots of "stuffed animal friends" - I had a kingdom maked from old socks. :)


    2. Aw, he is very cute! I like hedgehogs. If my husband spots one in the road while driving, he gets out and moves it to the side where it will be safe.