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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Burda Wednesday: July 1957, part I

Hello everyone.

I hope that you all are doing well, and that your days are filled with laughter. As I gaze out the window, I can see the lovely sunshione outside (sure, there's wind - but that does not spoil the great feeling I'm having these past few days).

Are you ready for some Burda fashion?
Let us go - to July 1957.

Great form.
(there has been a small discussion on the toppic
of shape-wear lately - and this dress
proves the need for it)

This page is done with a bit of artistic sense:
a gal is peeping from the doorway - and 
she's behind the advertisement.

Statement piece for July.
Gorgeous roses make it look so fresh.

An interesting cut in both dress
and the blazer.
Blue gloves "break" the whiteness so well.

Two "lovely afternoon dresses"

More of the afternoon wear.
I envy them, you know?!
My afternooons are rarely filled with so much style.

Late 1095s seem to grow on me.
These models are amazing, well fitting
and grately shaped.

Looking at these images - you KNOW
it's summertime.
I like the "empire"line, dress on your left
Prints. Prints. Prints.
I will have them all, please. :)

"Morning shopping"
such a lovely name for a page, don't you think?

Good, suitable and simple
perfect for daytime.

"Working in the house"
See? Ladies CAN wear dresses and skirts
when doing daily chores - no need for track-suits. :)

Wto models done with the same material
chose your pleats or your sdtraight cuts..
I can tell you I love this page, 
it features two of my favorites:
stripes and baskets. :)

"Blouses - I can never have enought" :)


It has been TWO years of me wearing red lipstick 
every day:

I wrote about it back in time:

Have a gread Wednesday!


  1. I'm glad to hear that the sun is shining on you and that you're doing well! I always love these pics, they make me wish I had them all in my wardrobe. So many lovely dresses and clothes!

    And red lipstick certainly suit you, dear gal! Have a lovely day!

  2. Your lippie really suits you. I really should wear mine more often, I don't often bother.

    :-) I am posting a letter at lunchtime!

  3. These late 50s summer fashions are sublime! The cream/flax hued suit with the black roses on the jacket's collar really, really took my breath away. The wheels are turning now as to how one might go about recreating that with a basis suit and some stitchery (or fabric paint - though the later would not be in keeping with genuine mid-century fashions in the slightest). Thank you as always for the awesome inspiration that these beautiful Burda posts provide.

    ♥ Jessica