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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Burda Wednesday: April 1957 - part III

Hello everyone.

Today's Burda has a bit less fashion, and a bit more history. Don't let that put you down; it's still a good read - to see and learn about the days gone by.

Shall we? 

Picture full of ideas.
Flower does make a large change in a room.

Can you imagine putting toghether:
the suit in the upper left
and the watch in the bottom right?
It would be a business - perfect!

...all those hats!

"Pretty in pink"
1950's way.

Quite an interesing collar on the
blue dress.

Easter feast.

Easter docor.

On the left:
all you need in your home - a starter kit. :)

"Only healthy skin
can really be nice"

If my kitchen could accomodate this,
I'd have it - and angled sitting area.

She said: se went down from 147 pounds (66 kilos)
to 118 pounds (53 kilos)

Perosnaly, to me - both those "sizes" are normal. Nothing wrong with any of them, and by medical terms, they are both considered healthy weight. So, this is the matter of self-image: ladies with 66 kilos, back in the day, had more curves.. and those with 53 kilos were simply more slender.

You know: the weather-man said it will SNOW tomorrow.
Darn - I'm waiting for spring...


  1. Flowers do liven up a house nicely. I think they make a home smell fresher too!

    1. Yes, Mim, they do.
      I love spring's first flowers, they are such gifts: after bleak days of winter, to be able to bring some color and smell indoors.. feels great.


  2. It's so interesting to see how, while the dresses still look thoroughly 1950s (and rightfully, so as they are from '57), many of the hat styles are already starting to shift heavily towards those that are commonly associated with the 1960s, three full years before the decade began. Great scans and inspiration as always, dear Marija. May I be so bold as to ask, how many more years of Burda do we have to look forward to? (I mean, up until what year does your current collection continue.)

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. You haven't seen nothing yet, Jessica. :)

      Looking at "to be published" Burda magazines, I myself was amazed by some things I was sure and positive belonged in the '60.. yet, there they were - at the last couple of years of 1950's.
      As for how long I am to go with "publishing"... I don't know.
      I do have entire 1950's set.. ready. And that will surely be online. But, should I venture into '60?! That might need a poll...

      Happy Sunday