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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Art Deco way to place some furniture in your home.

Hello everyone.

The term Art Deco, coined in the 1960s, refers to a style that spanned the boom of the roaring 1920s and the bust of the Depression-ridden 1930s. Art Deco represented many things for many people. It was the style of the flapper girl and the factory, the luxury ocean liner and the skyscraper, the fantasy world of Hollywood and the real world of the Harlem Renaissance. 
Art Deco affected all forms of design, from the fine and decorative arts to fashion, film, photography, transport and product design. It was modern and it was everywhere.

This is the second part of this inspiring imagery. For part one of this catalogue, you can go HERE and take a look.

Living room

The Dinig Room


I hope you're getting inspired as much as I am. Actually, the reason why there are no pictures here is due to the fact that I'm so amazied by these, that my word are hereby useless.
Stay tuned - there's one more part. 


  1. Replies
    1. You've sad it, darling! :)
      It's my favorite period of home decoration.


  2. Great images, thanks for sharing! x

    1. Thank you, dear.
      IT has been a fine time for me to star thinking furniture. I hope you home is getting along well - almost done now?


  3. Art Deco Furniture is very reliable furniture its shine remain new many year. Thanks for sharing these arts.