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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

BURDA Wednesday - December 1956, part II

Hello everyone.

A way to start our Wednesday's Burda post is quite a shocker: A slimming advertisment. :) It was not my intention to promote slimmig (or, was it?).. Ladies and gens who decided to diet - this is merely a friendly reminder and my was to say this: brave it out and  you will prevail!

..and 27 pound lighter.

To those who dread this, even as an idea - it is possible. No, it really is. I'm a living proof. Not 27 punds, but 20 kilograms (that's 44 pounds) - and if I could do it.. so can you. :)

This, interestingly,
is a "what to wear at a ski resort" page

Not many of us have a plesure of going to such places,
but the fashion is still lovely.

Fashions for:
school, workplace and day spent out-and-about

Everyone is going checkered.

Dressing sharp
There's a sense of clean style in this page

Here are some interesitng aprons
I like the gentile details, 
the lines and butterflies.. they make it look friendly.

Purely: celebration-wear.

You will soon see: more and more ads.
As Burda became more popular,
and folk got more money to spear..

Upper left:
these are the "kids" of the mommy-doll on the previous side.
and, I like them a lot.

Warm, sporty and interestingly designed.

Looking at these winter-fun images,
I can clearly see myself back in the time
when the only wory was: is there enough snow to make a fortress? :)

Glamourous kids, I dare say.

Twigs on cloths.
Utterly festive.

I sit just me, or is this lady
looking like she came from the "Gone with the wind"?

With this, glamouros image (that reminded me that I haven't seen "Gone with the wind" in a long time, and it's high time I do so) I wish you a happy Wednesday!


  1. That's funny, I just came across my copy of Gone With The Wind this week and thought that I ought to watch it again soon! Lovely snippets from the magazine, I like the two ladies in the dark blue button-up dresses best x

    1. So, I am not the only one who's time has come.. to watch Gone with the Wind.
      I guess it's that time of the year. :)


  2. Why, hello, darling Burda, aren't you look smashing today with your classic plaids, fabulous blue jumper dresses, and delightful table clothes. :) Yep, it's those two blue jumper dresses that are doing it for me - big time! - this week. That's a style I love to bits! Especially during the chillier months when layering is a true must. Though some do, I'm often surprised that more repro/vintage inspired brands don't offer such dresses. I've seen those (like US brand Jitterbuggin') that do sell them like hotcakes and for good reason. The versatility they offer is near endless and the look timelessly classic.

    I hope that this mid-week point finds you well my dear friend. I'm thinking of you and sending oodles of hugs your way!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. There are days, my dear friend, that I dread not being abroad.. over here, it's quite hard to find suitable clothes. Not retro, or vintage.. no, but even a regular, well-fitted formaly shaped clothes.