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Saturday, 6 December 2014

House is a home: Intriguing cabin in the woods

Hello everyone.

I have decided to play a little "pretending" game with you (f you are up for it). So, in the next couple of installments of this series; let us pretend we are well off. (Some of you may already be quite happy with their finances, and I say: good for you!). For the sake of the game, let's pretend we are all doing great - and I sincerely wish this to be true. :)

Getting away from all the city commotion is a great fun. That is why I am going to introduce you to the best way of spending your free time: building a leisure home
Yes, with everyone enjoying longer vacations.. more free time.. better highways making remote areas more accessible.. plus the need for family recreation.. this mass exodus to the mountains, desert or seashore is easy to understand and - even better - fun to participate in!

(click on the images for larger view)

"One word of caution" said the booklet I'm taking these from "..before you start your second home project. Keep it simple".
I hope you like this game - so, can we continue playing it?

1 comment:

  1. Definitely!!! What a fun game, dear Marija. Interestingly, I've never longed for a second home. I'm very much a nester and like to have my belongings all in one spot. I'm not saying I'd turn down a second home, goodness, no, just that if I was rather well off, I'd be more inclined to build my dream home and then rent lux abodes for holidays around the world.

    ♥ Jessica