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Friday, 28 November 2014

If yanking a chunk of cartilage from your nose will make you smile - go ahead with it.

Hello there.

Less than a stellar day outside, but my hear is warm. :) It's a lovely Friday, my jaw pain is completely gone, I have another dentist apointment next week (hopefully, not an uncomfortable one). Some personal issues are getting sorted out - to my liking. 

I have piled some post on you, my dear friends, these past few weeks. And, I have decided it's high time I give us all a large chunk to swallow. An article. Shall we?

Important note:

Today's post might be a bit overwhelming for some folks, so be warned: we will talk about plastic surgery. If you don't like the topic, feel free to leave at any time (or skip to any other post.. or maybe you'd enjoy reading something about clothes rationing, or about English countryside.. or you may be interested in learning some poise&grace hints?).

Tha pages are large, click on them to see the larger version.

Personaly, I never had an issue with surgery. Have I ever considered it? Once. I have had an idea that my face is too round, and I needed less  flesh on my cheeks. Then, a certain someone I was fond of told me I was "cute" and that went out the window. :) Joke aside, I have never judged folks who have chosen to "go under the knife". It's their life, their money, and their hapiness we're talking about.
So, if cutting back part pf your ears and pulling them to a side will make you happy - slice them. If yanking a chunk of cartilage from your nose will make you smile - go ahead with it. If poking and filling your lips will make you feel good about yourself - poke them and enjoy it.

Your opinions are welcomed. 

1 comment:

  1. I don't judge either and goodness knows there are plenty of things I wouldn't mind having "fixed" about my face and appearance, but I've never felt compelled to do so to the point of giving it serious thought. For better or worse, this is the body the universe granted me and I try to love it and accept its flaws and good points equally. :)

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* You've got to love the term "near-stars". Even back then there was no shortage of "15 minute of famers". :D