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Friday, 10 October 2014

The world wouldn't be the same without him - Max Factor, the Makeup King


There was a discussion while ago, on a ever-active subject of makeup. Little by little, we came top brands.;and as I now take a glance at my makeup case, I'm realizing that the big percentage of the it is branded by the Hollywood's most famous name in makeup history - Max Factor.

(Naturally, I was not in any way payed by Max Factor company to write any of this; 
I'm simply giving you a lovely story)

Back in the 1930's and 40's, during the glory days of Hollywood, the world of movie make-up was dominated by none other than Max Factor. He literally created world's most famous look on the world's most glamorous ladies.
Jean Harlow, Claudette Colbert, Bette Davis, and virtually all of the major movie actresses were regular customers of the Max Factor beauty salon, located near Hollywood Boulevard.

A pioneer in the field of movie make-up, Max Factor invented the first make-up used in a motion picture (a greasepaint in a tube), and went on to become the inventor of lip gloss, pancake make-up and false eyelashes.

A boxed Max Factor "Male Stage Make-up Kit" for students.

Inevitably, once the actresses had been made to look so stylish on screen, they wanted to maintain the same effect in everyday life, so they wore the new Max Factor 'make up' in personal appearances.

Cream greasepaint had one major advantage over stick forms: it could be applied more easily when large amounts were needed as, for example, in clown make-up. It also reduced the damaging drag on the skin that can occur when using sticks, which perhaps explains its popularity with many actresses.

Soon, women unconnected with the theatre or the film industry were asking for the make up, so that they too could look glamorous.
By the 1920s, Max's sons were heavily involved in the business with Davis working as general manager and Frank helping his father to develop new products.
They received their biggest single make up order during this decade in 1925 when they had to provide 600 gallons of light olive make up to the film set of  "Ben Hur" to ensure that the extras filming in America had the same colour skin as the extras who filmed in Italy.

Another key development in the make up world was the invention of waterproof mascara
 for the film 'Mare Nostrum' in 1926.

It was in 1927 that Max Factor introduced his first cosmetics to be sold to non-theatrical consumers. This proved to be THE greatest idea he could ever come up with. Before Max Factor, few women used cosmetics. But, with all the Hollywood stars being so well presented, ladies started coming out of cinemas and going straight into shops.

Bee-stung lips - the pouty mouth popularized by silent film stars in the 20's - had originally been Max Senior's solution to the problem of lip pomade running into greasepaint under lights. Then with a new formulation (Panchromatic, which was eventually refined into Pan-Cake), Factor could finally draw lips out to the corners of the mouth, and Clara Bow's cupid's bow became all the rage. 

When Joan Crawford asked Max Factor for a new image, he extended color out past her lip line and called it ''the smear.'' It became the shape of mouths for years to come.

Beauty was no longer a thing solely shown by Nature. A woman could start "giving Mother Nature a hand" here and there. Where?

She could have perfect canvas - a sheer face, using Pan Stick

Her face could stay flawless and mat by using Creme Puff

Her eyes could become mysterious, just like on a film


..her lips became sensational, smooth and kissable!

Every time a woman pulls out a lipstick, pats on a foundation or waves a mascara wand, she gives silent testimony to the mastermind who brought makeup to a paint-starved public. While a physics genius comes up with a theory that only another genius can understand, a sales genius has an idea that everyone grasps instantly. 
Max Factor was this century's Einstein of cosmetics. Lipstick? He invented and named it. Waterproof mascara, body paint, stick and liquid foundation -- the list of his firsts goes on and on. 
But Factor's big genius idea was that ordinary women could look as glamorous as movie stars. And for that, I salute him!

Have a gorgeous day, my friends!

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