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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

House is a home

Hey there!

We're continuing with our house-watching. I was traveling the other week, and I had time to gaze out the car window - and take a look at some homes abroad. Many of them are quite dinstictive and inpiring; and I'm sorry I could not snap them.. I'm sure they'd be usefull one day.

First, let me give you a wondreful book quote I have found a while ago. It's time-suitable, since the book is from 1939. It's called "How to Win and Hold a Husband"  and is written by a lady called Dorothy Dix.
"Most people miss all pleasure in what they have because their whole attention is focused on wanting something they haven’t got, and so they lose even the happiness they could have. Don’t make this mistake. If you have health exult in it. Realize you have something to give three cheers for every minute of the day. If you have youth rejoice in it. Those who are young really don’t need anything else. They are on their tiptoes already. If you have a wife or a husband whom you love, and if you have little children, be down on your knees thanking heaven for its best gifts.It is pitiful to see strong young people throwing away the happiness they might just as well have because they are longing for automobiles or fine clothes or freedom from work or something equally silly that has nothing in the world to do with happiness. And it is still more pitiful to see mothers and fathers getting no pleasure out of their children. Worrying because they are tied down at home with babies, or because little Johnny is noisy, or the money has to be spent on having little Mary’s teeth fixed instead of on golf sticks or a new frock.
And lots of foolish people put off being happy to some future time. They are going to be happy when they get rich. They are going to travel when they are old. The husbands and wives are going to enjoy each other after the children are grown up. But you can’t postpone being happy. You’ve got to get the pleasure out of a thing now or never. And so those who have denied themselves every joy for the great splurge they intend to have when they are old find out that they have waited too long. They have lost their capacity for enjoyment"

To simplify it (or, to say it as the young folks do): Live in the "now". We tend to linger, to "wait for" this and that to happen. We prefer being letargic, because it's easier to spend time in wishful thinking, than to try and make something. I write from experience - I used to sit around and mope. Moping is doing nothing good to anyone (myself included).
Nowadays, I try. Over and over again I try all sorts of thinking: I try to be kind, I try to mingle more, I try to say and show how much I care to my loved ones.. and I am surprised how much better I feel when I know I'm doing something.

Right now, I would like to introduce you to a lovely little house plan, that might spark up your imagination, and give you some ideas (not only in buying the house, maybe you're renovating?)


The Florence is a perfect rectangle, which made it simple and inexpensive to build. Within its 69,5 m2 (750 sq. ft)., this house had two small bedrooms and a bath separated from the living areas by a hall. The line of sight from the livingroom to far dining room wall was 7 meters (23 feet), which allowed for a reasonable sense of spaciousness despite its small size.
I, for one, am a person who likes square homes. Straight angles give us room to decorate with so many various furniture, plants.. Therefore, this house is really appealing. It's small size is convenient, and the room organization in the plan is perfect. I do not long for a large home, since I do believe my grandmother was right when she said "Why should you want a big house?! When you live in the big house, you can spend the day without meeting your family". 

Small house is a happy house.


  1. Love this classic house - it reminds me of many that used to still exist (a small handful still do thankfully) here in Penticton when I was little. Back then, a good many homes hailed from the 1900s to the 1950s, but in the last couple of decades, so many have been torn down and replaced with condos, apartments, and modern cookie cutter looking subdivisions. Given me "Florence" any day over such abodes! I love a charming little house with character and soul like this one had.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I have never seen one in person, but I'm glad you know they still exist, Jess.
      And, I must say: you are right: it's small size and square rooms are adorable!