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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Linen and cotton come first - and article from 1933.


We're well into August, my dear friends.
As a matter of fact, today is a special hollyday over here. It's Feast of Transfiguration (or, as our folks here like to say: the red letter in the calendar - meaning: quite important day).
Оther than that, it's a busy day - but, every day is as busy as a bee. :) August is a month when most of work get planned and done. From field work, over to preparation od bell-peppers (some other post will be dedicated to that marvel).. up to the paint-jobs

There are days when I miss having leisure time.

A printable fashion editorial by a "lifer" in the world of 20th Century American fashion, Marian Corey who stood firm on her belief that the Summer of '33 would stand out as the first season in which the swankiest threads in fashion's offering would be linen and cotton rather than silk:

The article is illustrated by six photographs picturing various assorted well-fed loafers of the Palm Beach set.

Images are large and you can click on them, and open them in a new window to take a better look.

"Cotton and linen have gone chic on us. Yes we know that you've heard this before. Every year for the last three, stylists have become very sentimental, along about March first, on this subject and each year practically everyone has gone right on wearing silk and more silk, just the same. This time, however, things will be different; this is the summer to believe the stylists."

Well said.

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