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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

BURDA Wednesday

Hey there.

It has been the rainiest summer ever. Truly: ever. We had just a few sunny days; one of those days when you can enjoy sunshine at it's best. This year, those days are so rare, they start off good, sun rises, shines.. and by the time I get off work - dark clouds gather above my town and it raines.. again. Over and over. Summer seems like something I can olny look at, from my office window.
So, my precious Burda magazine, in it's June edition, is a great help to bring a smile back to my face. These lovely magazine pages are my sunshine these days. :)

Let's take a look at June 1955.
I do feel sorry, but it's damaged, so only few pages are left for your enjoyment.

Having stripes in diferent directions gives this dress a great structure
and the pockets are wonderful 

 One of the loveliest and purest combination:
white dress and orange accessorizes.
The simplicity is so effective here.

 Take a look at the bold print on the dress in the corner.
...and look: she wear flip-flops (nothing is more "summer" than that)

 Gentile pastel dress, with amazing details.
Makes me wish I had a place and a time to wear something like that.

Take a look at the decoration in the pages above. They are introducing fashionable use for water carriers. It's a good inspiration to a homemaker - she can use some of the old (maybe even chipped) bottles and turn them into fashionalbe vases. I like it, since it's a way to re-use and therefore give another chance of life to an object.

Two adorable dresses for two types of ladies.
Every woman can find a perfect match. :)

"These are the variations"
I like how it's cut in the waist, and makes the figure so feminine.

The peak of summer - "At the beach"

Colorful children's fashion for summer

I do hope these few images have brightened your day a bit.

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