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Saturday, 5 July 2014

House is a home.

Hello there.

Every once in a while my family has a daydreaming session. It never is a long lasting one, just a few minutes are more than enough.. We sit down, sip coffee and think of a thing we'd like to have or do. Some days we chat on society. Some days on politics. There are days when we have serious talks about the daily doings in our household. But my favorite ones are the days when we simply let our minds imagine...
In a course of 20 odd minutes we are quite capable to create a sea-side mansion; design vehicles, discuss revolutionary moments of our civilization and decide what type of flowers might grow in our garden (if it could have less shade).

I feel it's time for another one of house plans I have stored for my (and yours) enjoyment.

The Carlton

Though not finished, the Carlton had a useful attic area that could serve as a play space or storage. In such a small house, the extra room was a valuable addition. This little bungalow with its nicely balanced gabled dormer, exposed rafter tails, and wide front porch exhibit the classic characteristics that make these small homes so delightful.

I can wish for only one thing for you today, my friends: never to stop daydreaming. Some of the most magnificent thing will come to you in a daydream.

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