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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

BURDA Wednesday

Hey there!

As some of you might know - we are experiencing bit of a disaster over here. The water levels of some of the larger rivers have drastically risen, and flooded the surrounding area. 
To all of you who have asked me about me & my family: Thank you, we are all right. 
As a matter of fact, sun in shining over here, and the land is drying out fast; the floods have not reached our area. We are all well, healthy and dry.

Naturally, my heart goes out to those who had to be evacuated, leaving their homes to the destructive nature of rising waters. I hope they can find enough strength to brave this one out.
*deep breath*

(Good, I got it out.)

Now, allow me to get my self in order, and present you with the second part of our dearest magazine - gloss, glamour, ribbons and heels; everything a lady needs on a Wednesday. :)

Evening spent at home?
No problem - when one is wearing these, she must feel divine.

"Winter holiday..."

" the mountains"

On a cold and dull day - keep your fingers busy with these.
And for the self-aware female...
"Palmolive beauty-care gives you a pure, delicate and smooth skin"

More adorable hand-work.

"Your kids..."

"...look forward to Winter"

Handcraft of the month. 

You all know this one: "Good morning"

and it's partner "Good night"
The add in the upper right: "8 times 4 - the same; but different"

Spot-knitting for Her and Him
(I did mention this edition is "the wedding" one, right?)

"An important helper in your kitchen" - what it is?
Triangle-cheese (my mom and dad love it!)

There is a certain Someone I know who will hold their breath at this image, 
saying "Gloves....."

Now only do I show you the latest fashion, I also dare give you what underneath it:
new way of making stockings made them able to "tighten up" the legs of their owners.

Laundry detergents.
Very important part of fashion as a matter of fact. 


Tosca is an edition for women and it attracts attention with its character and feminine classic, leaving an elegant impact. It encompasses a fresh blend of bergamot, lemon, orange, neroli and aldehydes, with a heart blossoming with jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, ylang-ylang and daffodil. They rest harmonically on a sensual base of vanilla, ambergris, labdanum and patchouli. The fragrance appeared back in 1921, but it was presented in a new package in September 2008, accompanied with perfumed body care products.

Feast your eyes, dear ladies.
This is the Exclusive Model.
...and quite the elaborate one, indeed.

Back then, girls did not need much...
but a new dress for their doll, every now and then.

I believe that these dresses would make any little girl's doll adorable.

On the other half: "Christmas surprise?" they ask. What is that thing? Well, it's Sun Lamp. Yes, the UV lamp, that warms up the face, gives you instant light in the dull days and gives you a tan. (Do not judge it harshly, back then it was considered utterly unhealthy to be so translucently pale - beauties had to have the tanned glow on their skins).

Oh, my... sausage baked in rising dough.. my, my.. do I love these..
..and just in case you are making snack yourself (for that Big Day, or the engagement...
..or just the party for no reason whatsoever)
what we here call "small bites"

Lovely color-combination.

I hope this Wednesday is a bright and shiny for you, my friends.


Have you had the chance to check out the new shop in our vintage town? In case you haven't, let me be the one to show you the way, dear friends.

Jessica's lovely, vintage Etsy shop... just around the corner



  1. Vintage ski wear - ohhhh, now you've hit upon one of my very favourites. My search last year didn't yield much, save for two pairs of basic c. 1950s pants that an online friend very sweetly sent me as a present, knowing my search. They're a stellar start, but the jacket, sweater, and shoes are all still MIA, so that hunt continues, fuelled on all the more by fabulous mid-century images like this. (And now, in the off season, is the best time to try and find them as there's less demand.)

    My darling friend, I appreciate and touched by your support of my shop - and my well being (re: yesterday's post) tremendously. I was in a rough place (at least for me ;)) mentally there for a few days, I tell you. Weeping up a storm, struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel of stress, and just floored at how different I felt than how I'd imagined I would once the shop went live. A few harsh comments from critics and "haters" certainly didn't help matters there either, but thankfully I've bounced back, the clouds of worry have parted, and I'm in a better headspace now than I have been for months - thanks, in no small part at all, to the support and encouragement of my dear online friends, very much including you, sweetheart.

    Endless hugs & thanks for everything,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Gosh...
      You are most welcome, Jess.
      You know you can always look out for me in the times of need. And having your first shop (ever) open can be a huge burden on anyone.. especially someone who's health is as fragile as yours.
      There's an advertisement on one of our TV stations, and it said "Haters will hate". That is what they do. As a matter of fact, I firmly believe that is the ONLY thing they are able to do. So, best ignore them altogether.

      My friend likes saying: "I shop for boots in July". Yes, she does indeed. And she finds great items at ridiculously low prices. Search now, and you just might strike gold (so to say)

      My best & great hugs