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Monday, 14 April 2014

Glamour suit for War Women - article from 1942

Hello all.

I came across a short article on the web, on The Old Magazine Articles, and I want to share it with you. So, let us put on our reading glasses..

Attached is a well-illustrated article about one of the American WW2 home front's many private-purchase uniforms for women war workers; it had been designed by the well-known fashion stylist and Hollywood costume designer Irene (Irene Lentz, 1900 - 1962). The Hollywood taste-maker produced the uniform when it became clear that there were very few war worker uniforms that adhered to the fashions of the day:
"The noted Hollywood stylist, Irene, performed a real service for defense when she designed her all-around defense suit. Of sturdy gabardine, worn with long cotton service socks and plastic shoes, it is nevertheless as attractive as any civilian suit, and more practical than most. In this outfit, women war workers will not feel self-conscious and ill at ease."
There is no evidence to suggest that the uniform was ever produced in large numbers.

Here it is.
(CLICK for a larger view)

What do you think? Do you find it nice?



  1. What a darling article, thanks for sharing! I hope that times have started to slow down for you at work, so you have time to enjoy the spring making its entrance! Have a fabulous day, sweetheart!

  2. I've seen this article around on pinterest. I do love a good war years suit and especially this one since it has such a military influence.