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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

BURDA Wednesday

Hello there.

I must tell you this: I'm sorry, but the following issue of our darling Burda magazine is severely damaged, so there will be only couple of images for you this week.

I'll try to make it up to you in the second part of this post, OK?

For now - let's see what May 1954 has for us:

Bright yellow, it's a welcome-spring color to me.
It reflects sunshine, it attracts the light..

Yet another way to look fabulous, 
with Marianne and Stupsi

White dress with flowers - my favorite 
for this (cropped) issue.

Bright dresses for light-infused day outside.
Can you see yourselves wearing these and having
tea in the garden (maybe mine?)

"Always neat and posh"

Summer fashion for your young ones.

Sadly, this is it for this weeks Burda, but I can't leave you with just this. So, I have looked out for something to match this 1950's feeling.

...and I have found an article for you.
(Like all the articles I bring here for you,  this one is also quite large, for your enjoyment and the ease of reading)
This article is from April 1952. and it's about the peaking theme of the mid XX century; the property in the suburbs.

I hope this article gave you a bit more history, my dear friends.
And, don't you worry: next issue of our Burda will be in all it's might, with all the pages for you to enjoy yourselves.


  1. This post still packed plenty of might in, don't worry, sweet dear. I especially love the frothy, elegant confectionery hued party/evening dresses. I would love to host a formal tea party wear something like the frocks there as my hostess ensemble.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. O, I know I'm not supposed to worry, but I so strongly dislike not being able to give out the entire issue. It's a minor OCD thing that we all have about one thing or another, I suppose.
      You are true, the bit that I did manage to show here was enough to give some lovely inspiration.

      When you do host that party (since it would be a long commute for me to attend); make sure to take pictures. :D