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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

BURDA Wednesday

Hello there.

Temperature this morning, as I woke up was 10°C (that's 50°F). That was in 6:00 AM; so I'm quite sure it'll be a lovely day, and a great tell-tale of forthcoming spring.
With that in mind, I send my support for those of you out there, still struggling with snow, still shoveling.. Keep your spirit, spring will come to you, too. 
Until we can all enjoy this gracious season, let us head back to April 1954.

They have chosen a perfect design for the front cover.

Eastern greetings.
Marianne and Stumpi are looking good.

"Emphasized chic"

The lady above sports a lovely feature, the elegant tie. One of these days, I'll be showing you how easy it is to sew one.

Bland colours? I don't think so!
Look how the details change the blandest of colours.

They say "devil is in the details",
but I prefer saying that details make dresses sparkle.

"With and without a jacket"

Getting ready for a gala evening... or something even grater?!

"THE day in our lives"

These are utterly original and fun.

Spring-wear for the whole family.

New way of cutting your garments, new ways of styling.

Ribbons, bows and collars grater than ever.

Prepare yourselves for the summer sports.

Sporty fashion for summer.

"Daffodil time"

Our young ones like the bouquets of flowers.

Dots, stripes and lots of colours.

Apron-dress made out of fleet.
Perfect for your everyday chores around the house.

I'm pondering on this for quite some time. More and more, I notice that I'm bothered when I have to get into my trainers (since it is my "utility wear"). How could the ladies manage wearing dresses and skirts while cooking, cleaning, gardening?! And why can't I?

"Summery and airy"
Sheer shirts.

I know somewhone who will gasp at the sight of these
glows here. Am I right?

Another course for your sewing-hands.

"The dangers of fat"
No matter the era, we were obsessing with our weight.

Porolastic! - or, should I say: "Oh, la la!"
and the comic at the bottom asks us
"Do they like to work at candlelight?"

Organize your kitchen.
In the bottom right corner: ear-correction.

"Lovely legs with Bellinda" - stockings
(I, for one, fully support wearing stocking at all times; and I can't
imagine wearing skirts without them, no matter if it's summer. Only exception
is the time we spend at out sea-side holiday)
..and, yes:
Bosch was big then, as it is big now.

"How to overcome the weil"
(they call it the "Virgin Wreath" here, it sounds so lovely)

Exclusive models - something for everyone.

Easter recipes.

I'd have to say: they chosen a picture perfect dress to begin with, 
and the star the end this edition with.
My all time favorite combination: vivid green and fire-red.

Darling friends, I hope you've enjoyed this feature. Again, my heart goes out to those of you who are still wrapping themselves in shawls and mittens: Be strong.
Spring will prevail!
With this burst of inspiration, I wish you a great day!


  1. Initially, I thought as I scrolled through these marvelous Burda images that the checkered dress with the solid black panels was going to be my very favourite of the day. But then, oh then, I hit upon the tracht looks and that idea went out the window! I have the biggest love for vintage tracht and dirndls and anything that looks the part today (chalk it up to the fact that Germany ancestry makes up more of my DNA than that from any other single country). I want each and every ladies look there so very much! I swear, if I was fabulously rich, I'd hire a skilled seamstress to make some of them for me based on these great images. No such luck these days, but I've pinned it to Pinterest for future inspiration and who knows, perhaps even tailor sewing (a gal can always dream). Thank you very much for another absolutely awesome edition of Burda Wednesday.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you deeply as well for your insightful, excellent comment on yesterday's post. I really think that the vintage community is amongst the nicest and most understanding anywhere. The fact that so many of us operate as "lone wolves" in our respective areas no doubt helps play a powerful roll in the mutual sense of comradeship we share online.

    1. Indeed, you are right.
      Once I've first set my eyes on this edition of Burda, I was stunned by the very first image. And as I went along the magazine, I kept gasping from excitement and joy. This issue featured same amazing peaces; just the sight of those sheer blouses.. oh!
      Keep those images as a reminder, the day will come for your dresses to be made for you. Trust me.

      Many hugs,