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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

BURDA Wednesday

Hello there!

Are you enjoying your midweek?
I bet I can make even better - with a brand "new" edition of our dear Burda magazine. We are in March, yes.. however, today we are in 1954.

Not only that is has more pages; it's also featuring some endlessly elegant outfits. Try to incorporate some of these ideas into your spring look.

Sailor-looking dress,
with Peter Pan collar; and she's carrying spring bouquet.

"Stockings made to measure"

"All the birds are already there"
Marianne and Stupsi are showing us new way of wearing spring on yourself.
Beige is not boring - not when the model is interestingly cut, like this one.

"Summer offering"
The firs summery dress, incorporate it in your style
as soon as the sun gets stronger.

This spring I must get something with polka dots.
This white dress, with pointed sleeves and interesting pockets
would be perfect.

Ladies in blue.
Introducing pearly choker necklace
(not my cup of tea, but still looks lovely on these models)

"Elegant in the spring"

"Stripes for the young teens"

"Uni - elegant and timeless."
Uni is a term that describes the ergonomic dresses.

"Timeless layers for the classy lady's dresses"

Look at the way they are cut.
Truly timeless.

"When the sun is slow to come"

"Small wisdoms of life for the lady"
It continues:
"The time will probably shape their character,
but not bring wrinkles to their faces"

What an interesting way to finish off the buttoning of a suit.

"Our propositions for the full figured"

What amazes me here, is the fact that back then, it was generally know that full figured ladies should not hide their curves in shapeless XXXXXL shirts, but do quite the opposite. Adding belts, wearing skirts with higher waist.. it looks like these modern day advice-givers have done nothing revolutionary, they just opened up one of these old magazines, and looked of how amazing the full figured ladies looked.
Oh, not to forget the most lovely term used here: "full figured" as opposed to almost mocking "plus sized". Don't you think people had more "touch" back then?

Fake collar.
Come to think of it: it's amazing.

"Bring spring-like touch to your wardrobe"

"There's always something missing in the wardrobe
of our children"

Camisoles and more.. 

"See-thru lingerie"

Planning on knitting your way into spring
I'd advise you to try out this pink short sleeved sweater.

Quick and easy to make
(for those in the know)

"They know these features"
This as the time when shirt collars matter.

Why have I written the above statement?
There's an ever growing market of poorly mare shirts. I had the misfortune of meeting couple of the items, and I experienced the torture of trying to iron them. Let me tell you this: they are impossible to iron!
Badly done collars, cuffs that are not given the proper finish.. I even saw an inside lining (being the buttons) that had some parts of shabbily cut material peeking out. Nowadays, I go shopping with my brother. Not because I think my taste is better than his, but to yank, check, pull and turn every single shirt upside-down until I'm sure it's not a piece of (searching for the harmless word) junk that I'll have to struggle with later on.

"Behave yourself..."

"..they do it naturally"
I anyone has time and ability, I'd love to have the full translation of the text.

Their hands speak out for them.

New seasonal advices.

Exclusive models in amazing colours. 

New products.

This page is showing two things:
beautiful tablecloth
and the way to arrange the table setting.

Full meal recipes.

Adorable, amazing, something I' really like:
the bathing suit.

"The spring sun invites out to the streets"

Remember that time?
(I will sound like a really old person now): We couldn't wait for the weather to become warmer, so that we could get outside, play our favourite ball games, draw on the pavement, and spend as much time as we possibly can just enjoying the sun.

With these words I'm leaving you for today.
Enjoy yourselves, my friends!


  1. Such splendid 1950s springtime fashions. I adore them all (naturally :)), but the one that caught my eye the most is the polka dot dress worn with a short sleeve blazer. Modern fashion magazines really started totting short sleeve blazers a few years ago like they'd just discovered them for the first time ever in a secret cave somewhere, but I knew they'd been around for decades and while they're not my first choice per se (I tend to like 3/4 or full length sleeves more on jackets), I certainly admire them and am glad they exist as a great spring and early autumn layering piece for both vintage and modern fashion lovers alike.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Remember it?... I still feel like that. Hahahhaa. I'm so sick and tired of all the winter jackets and shoes right now, I just want it to become warmer so that I can start dressing in lighter clothes. And I'm rushing home from work everyday so I can take a walk and enjoy the sunshine before it sets. I wish you a darling Friday, dear gal!