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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Love story: Spoiled Brat

Hello darlings! ♥

I present you with a love story from a "Heart Throbs" magazine.

Daughter of a miliionare, Mona Barclay could have everything her vain and selfish heart desired. And to Mona everything had a price tag! Then one day she saw a man.. and she wanted him for her own.. wanted him more than anything in the world! But life is full of surprises and spoiled and pampered Mona had to learn that love can not be bought.
Without furter ado... here's the story.

So, did you like the story?

♥♥ Pinky Honey

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Summertime glory, PART 1 - It's summer time, it is time to travel - send me a postcard!

Summer is here, the days are longest and the nights are shortest. It is a time when all kids go on their much deserved school break, when most adults plan their vacation..

This is the first installment in my "Summertime glory" series.
Since I'm most probably not having time to travel, I'd love to receive as many postcards as humanly possible; because postcards make me happy.
I've collected a set of vintage postcards that represent summer at it's best.

Here they are:

They are usually called Mainzer cats after the name of the publisher.  The really early cards from the 1950's were published by Kunzli in Switzerland.

Funny one

They look so happy, and I think this one is hand-painted?

It is 1934. and they are having fun on the beach in front of the Ritz Carlton hotel in Atlantic City

Girls just want to have fun!

A gorgeous time at Rockaway Beach.

Bikini time! 

Greetings from Kentucky Lake (spot the handsome fella in the back)    

Family fun!    

Fishing - the girly way.    

"Hello sailor!"  

Kids with shiny cheeks

Anyone out there who's traveling - send me a postcard.
Make my day.

♥♥ Pinky Honey

Friday, 28 June 2013

Obsessed with Pleasantville

It never rains.
The highs and lows rest at 23 degrees Celsius
The fire department exists only to rescue treed cats.
Nobody ever has a harsh word for anybody else.
Everybody knows what they are expected to do and what the end result will be.
..and the basketball team never misses the hoop.

David and Jennifer

The movie is about two teenagers - twins, who magically gets drawn into the 1950s fictional, black-and-white television sitcom, Pleasantville. The show portrays a very stereotypical image of the 1950’s. In Pleasantville, both David and Jennifer are forced to take on the roles of Bud and Mary-Sue ("Sport" and "Muffin"), respectively. But as they play along in the perfect and pure little town of Pleasantville, their presence soon influences drastic changes. They accidentally, then intentionally, expose the Pleasantville residents to art, music, and the counterculture revolution, and ignite the curiosity and passion of an entire town, irrevocably changing the Pleasantville universe from a monochromatic and conservative community into a Technicolor parallel world.

What's outside of Pleasantville?
David: Oh, it doesn't matter.
Margaret Henderson: What's outside of Pleasantville?
David: There are some places that the road doesn't go in a circle. There are some places where the road keeps going.
Margaret Henderson: Keeps going?
David: Yeah, yeah. It just keeps going. It all keeps going.

The film also covertly represented the double standard for men and women. In the time of the 1950’s, women were said to stay at home. Women were supposed to stay in the house, with the kids, prepare food for the family, and have it ready for the husband when he walked in from work.
Women of this time period were supposed to look beautiful at all times, never have a bad moment, and were not to worry about a thing, especially social problems.. (something I have no problems with - it's called "keeping it together")


..and then the colors appeared!

Pink bubblegum - is there any other? :)

The (ever)green car giving a flash of color in front of Soda Shop

Something I'd love to have in my living room - green glass swan

The costume designs for Pleasantville were immaculate in replicating the styles that both men and women incorporated into their daily wardrobes in the more 'simpler' time that embodied the era of the 1950's. Tight sweaters, circle skirts and cardigans.. what's not to love?!

I'd love to walk the streets with the elephant! :)

Amazing color-combination.. I'm guessing the sweater is angora.

Most famous scene - "the umbrella" - she shines so bright, contrasting the scenery.

Ladies at their best.. every day, all the time.

Beautiful dress, and a lovely roses giving it a "pop" of much loved color.

To me - best outfit in the film. Calm, well structured, gorgeous colors
..loving her earrings!

I know it's not a reality most would want for themselves; it's a never-ending circle repeating over and over. But, I believe it's made to reassure us that there is hope — that the world we see around us represents active progress - not decay. 

♥ Pinky Honey

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Midweek magazines

Today's pick: ♡LIFE magazine, June 21st 1937

Comes June, the month of marriages, and the photographers start seeking new approaches to old subjects. Just to show what has already been accomplished in this field, LIFE here-with offers some samples of freak wedding pictures, chosen at random from files of regular agencies. 
The pictures on these pages fall into two categories: the American wedding in which the ceremony itself is out of the ordinary (i.e. couple gets married in whale's mouth); and the English wedding, in which postnupital proceedings are somewhat unusual (i.e. the newlywed butcher marches out of the church under the arch of cleavers). 
The English touches are generally more appropriate, the American touches are more imaginative. The latter are mostly done for the sake of publicity. 
There are many types of weddings not represented here - weddings in rowboats, at nudist camps, and up in airplanes. 
The Airplane-wedding is by now definitely Old-fashioned. No one, least no cameraman, pays any attention on aerial wedding. As a matter of facts the "wedding above the clouds" is older that generally supposed.  
As far back as in 1865, an American couple signed a marriage contract in a balloon over Manhattan. This was logical development of the feat of a Belgian balloonist who, around 1810, took of on his honeymoon in a balloon from Brussels and landed, without incident, in a cow pasture, some miles out of town. 

I hope you've had a laugh.

♡Pinky Honey