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Friday, 20 December 2013

The Hatbox Brigade - article from February 1944.

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I've spend a lot of time researching the articles on the subject of body image in history. I kept wondering about the thought in the heads of the girls back in time. Have they had as much pressure on being slim as we do now? Have they had diets? What about media; was it leaning towards creating a positive self-image in girls?
I've found an article that follows.
Reading time!

This article I have found on The Old Magazine Articles and I was stunned to when I've read it.
"Most models receive five dollars an hour for posing, and a few get seven fifty or ten dollars an hour...Models like Meg Mundy or Helen Bennett who rarely earn less than $150.00 a week are in the upper brackets and are the sort of girls that the average male would pass without a second glance..."
"Many of the models are bitter, unhappy girls inside. They soon grow disillusioned with their dream of modeling as a gateway to theatrical glory; they learn that their height is against them.".

Take a look:
(You know you can CLICK on every image for a larger view)

Let me repeat this: 
From a strictly physical aspect, a fashion model will tend to meet the following specifications: five feet nine inches in hight, weight in 110 pounds, bust 33, waist 24, hips 34. 
In order for someone like me ( used to metrical-system) to understand it: the average model is 175 centimetres tall; she's got 49,8 kilos; and her measurements are: 83-60-86. That's making her "body mass index" a mere 16 (where 18 is the bottom limit for "under-nourished; alongside being poorly paid for their work). I guess not many things changed since back then.
My friends, what are your thoughts?

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