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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Love Story: Turmoil

Hey all!

A friendly wave from me and a fresh-old story from Heart throbs magazine.

He was born to wealth, and how his wealth was choking him, he found it was not enough to buy peace, happiness or the love of the one woman he wanted - a woman who was devoid of human emotions, a woman who parlayed a fortune into a fabulous empire until she, too, began to smother under her own handiwork.
OK, here goes:

To tell the truth, I've learned a new word: parlay -
1. To bet (an original wager and its winnings) on a subsequent event.
2. To maneuver (an asset) to great advantage: parlayed some small investments into a large fortune.

♥♥ Pinky Honey


  1. Isn't her outfit in the first frame marvelous? I think it would make for a really cool Halloween costume - perhaps with an inflatable globe. Something to tuck away for future inspiration indeed.

    Speaking of Halloween, I love that you enjoy getting in the spirit, too, honey, even though it isn't celebrated (much? at all?) in your country. Tony, my husband, was born and raised in Italy and didn't celebrate Halloween there either, though he was aware of it. At first (early on in our relationship) he wasn't too keen on it, but over the years, my passion for October 31st has rubbed off on him big time and he's now a huge fan of Halloween, too. This year - sooo exciting - he's even going to wear a costume for the first time.

    Tons of hugs & thanks for all of your marvelously nice blog comments,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. You are right - her outfit will fit right in the Halloween Party. :)
      About celebrating it: like Tony, we are aware of it. Some years ago, young folks (myself included) decided to dress up on the 31st and have a Costume Party. But, the Halloween is not more than that here - a Costume Party. We don't do "trick or treat" on Halloween, but we do it on our Christmas eve. :)

      Oh, and by the way: if there's a chance - post a picture of Tony in costume, you know we're all dying to see him.