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Saturday, 26 October 2013

London's best Art Deco buildings, PART 2


As I've promised - let us continue out tour of Art Deco London!
In case you've missed out the first set of gorgeous buldings, you can find them HERE.

11. Odeon cinema, Muswell Hill

A number of art deco cinemas still stand proudly in the capital. This streamlined gem can be found in Muswell Hill. 

12. Old Barkers building, Kensington

This imposing art deco building was once home to Barkers of Kensington, a popular department store. Today, the 1930s building is the site of the health foods shop Whole Foods Market. 

13. Apollo Victoria theatre, Westminster

London's most impressive art deco theatre is the Apollo Victoria, built mainly from concrete in 1929. Inside, there is a nautical theme, featuring columns that appear to burst into fountains and shell motifs. The Gaumont British News called the theatre when it opened "a fairy cavern under the sea, or a mermaid’s dream of heaven".

14. 55 Broadway, Westminster

Designed by Charles Holden (yes, he of Southgate tube station), 55 Broadway was built as the headquarters of the Underground Electric Railways Company of London, a predecessor of London Underground. The clean, simple design, featuring four blocks of offices radiating from a central tower, won a London Architectural Medal from the Royal Institute of British Architects in 1929.  

Last one (until I find more of these lovelies):

15. Wallis House, Brentford

This Grade II listed building from the 1930s sits on a stretch of road known as the Golden Mile, due to the fact it housed so many factories in the 1920s and 30s. The property had fallen into disrepair by the 1990s but has now been transformed into a residential housing development. 

Each and every one of them a true jewel!

I hope you liked it!

♥♥ Pinky Honey

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