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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

BURDA Wednesday

Are you having a nice week?

Today, let us step together back in time, and to September 1950. September issue brings us some amazing garments, wonderful evening dresses.. but also a work-clothes.
Take a look:

 The color of the sky looks so lovely in the combination with the 
darker tone of stockings

 Just look at that suit!
Tightened at the waist to make it even more hourglass-shaped.

 Long coat or a short coat?
Is there a need to chose - or should we take both?

 Simply gorgeous combination of fur and pearls.

 Perfect cocktail dresses. 
The red one is amazing.

 This is the "It Style" for the office

 Now.. if anyone finds the pattern for the dress in the right bottom corner
SEND it to me, please.
It has such lovely features: the side buttons giving the curve to the figure, and 
bottom part looks flattering

 Ladies at their best.

 Some fashion advice.

 This entire page is perfect. Not only the glamorous models,
but the design with the leaves - Autumn!

 Checked jacket? Yes, please.

 Look at that model! The simple attachment of a collar gives such grase
to the dress, it's transformed!

 Kids, kids, kids..

 ..this is bringing back memories of early school days.

 Clothes to wear to work.

 Even collecting leaves looks stylish.

 Gentle pink sweater, with a lovely blue embroidery.

 To me, these sweaters are divine.

 Oh, my: FELLAS, hello there!

 Continuing story of the Pearl Neclise.

 For your crafting-hands.


I hope this picture-heavy post has made your day a bit more glamorous, dear friends.

♥♥ Pinky Honey

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