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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

BURDA Wednesday


I woke up from a strangest dream today, just to realize it's raining. Middle of the week brough us the change in weather and the beginning of the second part of autumn - the one with foggy mornings, rainy days and the evenings tucked up under blanket.
Perfect time for me to give you: BURDA, October 1950.

I must say: from the very start of this edition, I'm amazed.
The hat is so lovely!

 New shoes - I would not mind having them.

 This type of dress (the shirt-dress) keeps on lasting for decades.
It did undergo some changes, but I'm making it's sister from 1930's and it looks quite similar.

 I'm on a lookout for a new "mantel" - the one one the right looks good,
it resembels to the one I'm looking for.

 Not only does the coat look great, but the model striking pose is amazing.

 It doesn't HAVE to be real fur..
I find the ansemble in the middle so sophisticated.

 Folks at BURDA always had payed atention to the details.
Take a look at the color-coded leaves.. and a puppy.

 It writes "Fashion for all the purpose"
Truly, they are. The aditional detalis are giving them hint of glamour.

 Emphasis on the waist made by scarf - wonderful idea.
And notice the cut on the dresses - the asymetrical lovelines.

 Spot the diference.
It writes "Modified festive dresses" or: from Plain to Elegant

 Again: with just few simple additions, a 1950's lady could turn her simple dress
into an evening one - and save some ever-needed money.

"What is the housewife missing?"

 ..some much needed change in the cutting of her dresses.
Two-toned dress can make a significant impact.

 Fashion advice.

Don't hate on the Lepard.. 'cause even that pattern looks wonderful.
From hat to shoes - all of these are precious!

 Afternoon dresses.

Let me ask you here (I digress): Did you ever felt that we are missing out on some quiet time of the Afternnon Dress and Afternoon Tea? Looking at these, I can't shake off the feeling of how the 1950's lady had it better. The times were different then, weren't they.. and I feel envious of the ladies who lived in them and the Time they had for themselves. 

 Look at the lovely embroidery.. great way embelish a dress
or to give life to an old one.

 Reminds me of my family - mom dressed my brother & me in matching outfits
I know some parents find it hideous, but we look so happy on the photos

 I presume there's some of out out there with kids.
So, this might get useful.

I digress, again: Vintage and Parenting?
I saw a TV feature of a British fella (Ben Sasum is the name, and he's in Godmanchester, Cambs). He and his partner are both the Vintage couple, but the baby is not. So, I started wondering: is it even possible to raise a kid as a vintage-stule person? What about baby-clothes? Or, what if a child grows up to despise the mom&dad who live the "weird" lifestyle?
To anyone out there who's got kids: What are your opinions on this matter?

Back to BURDA:

 Here comes one of my favorite bits of fashion: combining to the perfection.
Here, we have two-piece suits..

 ..and they give us so much space for combination,
that "did you wear th same thig yesterday" issue will not be happening to a vintage girl.

 Playroom and sleepwear.

 Hello there, baby.

 Knitting for the winter.
It is important to prepare in time.

 The bathrobe put on a whole different level.

 "Keep your feet warm" - I can hear my Granny saying this over and over..

 With these lovely knitted pantyhose - you'll stay warm

 Naturally, I'm dying to know WHAT is this Pearl Necklease all about,
however I'm unable to understand that much German.

 "Hair as it should be"

 Khasana cosmetics is STILL out there, you know?

 Amazing hight of the hair. :)

 "Exertion quickly forgotten"

 Some tips and tricks.

 How a German meal lookd like
(pretty much the same was - and still is - at my home)


I hope you have a wonderful day, and that these images made it better.

♥♥ Pinky Honey


  1. Oh honey, these are so, so wonderful! My favourite decade of all time from a fashion standpoint is the years spanning 1947-1957, and I'm especially fond of the range right around the start of the 50s, so all of these fashions have me swooning! I love how the yellow shirtwaist dress is actually like a dress over a slim skirt. Very pretty - if I sewed, I'd want to make one like it. Thank you very much for sharing another stellar array of Burda images.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I'm glad you like it.
      The 1950's daytime wear is my "go to" choice when it comes to dressing for work. Looking at myself right now, I'm entangled in the '50 style: horrocks pencil skirt and a sweater. :)