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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Trip to Italy - let us start the journey!

Hello dear friends!
I hope you haven't waited long for this post; it took me some time to catch up on my sleep, and to get back into my regular routine, but I'm here now, and I'm here with the pictures.

Let me start from the beginning saying - this will not have a lot of museum-pics or the party-pics, since the reason for travel was business related.. but I've still managed to grab some shots here and there.. you'll see as we go on.

We went there by bus, and the distance is about 2000 kilometers (let me convert that for all of you who are used to miles - that is about 1200 miles). This was one of those moments when you learn what the "dead of night" is. 4:00 AM is the Dead of the Night, as I had the chance to see for myself. That is when we boarded the bus and started our trip.

The morning came as we went through one of many pay tolls. They were markers to me, to have some sence where we were on the highway, and how much more do we need to travel.

Border patrol.
Here, we had to leave our bus (standard situation), and go into the building you see on the right side of the picture above. In there, we walked around the table and presented our passports to the lady in the "box". After that formality was done, we were back on the track.

This one, if I am not mistaken was taken in Slovenia.

We made a stop at one of the Marché™ restaurants in Slovenia for a half-way-there break. While everyone else took coffee and/or sandwich, I chose mixed fresh grapes and the chocolate muffin (that later proved to be quite filling and a good choice)

On our way I saw some great scenery.. besides that I managed to read Georges Simenon's "La Vérité sur Bébé Donge" that I had for years and never managed to get the time to read. I'm recommending it.

Yet another border - the one we have been waiting for. We were officially in Italy. Here, we had no reason to make a stop, or to leave the bus..

As hours piled up, I started to notice the changes: climate was warmer, the scenery changed from agricultural land to a mountains and something else - grapes.

A lot of poplar tree plantations came to my sight. I noticed them when we entered Italy, and more and more as we drove farther in. There's some kind of peace in looking at the perfectly ordered and lined trees as the bus goes by.

On one part of our trip we drove alongside a river. Unfortunately, since we had no guide, I can not give it's name. I can tell you you it was soothing for my tired eyes.

And then..
17 hours and 30 minutes later.. we arrived.
A small Italian town and comune in the province of Milan, 50 km west of Milan on the Motorway A4 to Turin. 

That is where we were. In Hotel "Da Mariuccia"

 This is the entrance to the Hotel (I have not taken this photo, because when we arrived it was pitch black and I had no more strength to shoot)
The Hotel is situated 3 km away from the center of Cuggiono - in a peaceful atmosphere of a countryside.

I got the double bedroom - for a single me. So, I can say I had the comfort.

Just as the information - the price board. This is a 4 star hotel (to my experience it should not be rewarded to that many stars, since it's just a redecorated and polished Vila.. but it felt great to finally get into the warm bath and rest).

This was inevitable:

Taken inside the bus, when we entered Italy. 

Let me rest here a bit, and I will be posting second round of pictures (day two of my trip to Italy - "the day of the Fair") really soon. 

I hope you liked it.

♥♥ Pinky Honey


  1. My goodness, what lovely, verdant scenery! This travel post brought a big smile to my face, not only because I too have recently returned for a (great!) trip, but because my husband is originally from Italy, and though I've never been there myself, I truly hope we're able to visit together one day.

    We clocked the distance we traveled on our trip to Calgary, and when all was said and done, it was quite similar to the distance you traveled (a little over 2,100 km). Isn't that neat?

    Wishing you a restful, lovely weekend, my sweet friend,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Long travels have a special charm to them (when done properly, with the large number of scenery-pit-stops). There is something magnificent in being able to follow the change in your surroundings from grasses and wheat across mountains, to the vineyards..
      Let me tell you: your husband has a lovely Motherland.
      I enjoyed it.