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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Midweek magazines

Hello there, my dear readers!

Is it Wednestay allready? It is here.
It is time for yet another midweek magazines. We are heading back to May 24th 1943.

♥♥ Life calls on a 16 Cover Girls ♥♥
They frolic in rented movie mansion

Like a mother bird hovering over her prized fledlings, Columbia Pictures is taking excellent care of the 16 New York models imported to Hollywood for the movie The cover Girl. The studio even found a superble feathered nest for these starlets, renting the luxorious estete on Benedict Canyon Drive in Beverly Hills, occupied last winter by Publisher William Randolph Hurst.
This four-acre estate has 20-room Spanish-type hacienda and all the expensive accesoirs which make a Hollywood house a dream come true. It is complete with tennis courts, swimming pool, gardens, bar and private projection room. The furnishings are lush and garnish, with soft satins and glittering gold leaf everywhere. Each bedroom has a fireplace, mirrored bathroom. The master suite, in addition, has a sitting room. This unit, formely occupied by Marion Davies' sister, is now used by model Anita Colby who acts as a combined housemother and major-domo for the bizzare establishment, which cost each girl only $75 a month for room and board.
As soon as cover girls were settled, LIFE visited them to see how they liked being bounced in the lap of luxury. As the pictures on these pages demonstrate, the girls are liking it fine.

The cover girls gather in the mail living room attiren in their frillest formal evening clothes. 
They are about to off as a group to a party given by Cary Grant and his wife, 
the former Barbara Hutton. 
Standing in from of the fireplace are Anita Colby, 
who acts as "housemother" for the girls, and Susan Shaw. 
Over the fireplace is an oil painting of Marion Davies.

I, for one, would not mind spending time with them.. and that Cary Grant's party sounds like a good plan, don't you think?

♥♥ Pinky Honey


  1. Why yes, the amazing 1940s fashions here are sending me into a total tizzy! :) Seriously, how can one look at these and not swoon, go weak in the knees, and wish to high heaven that time travel was real so you could back in time and hang out with these lovely ladies while borrowing their wardrobes? :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you, thank you.
      I'd stand in the line for borrowing the garments - the one worn by the housemother in particular.