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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Dresses, suits and glamour of 1932!


Being fashion-aware person, I found these images amazing, so sharing them with the world is my holy fashion obligation!. The decade of 1930's is among my favourites: the style, the materials used and Oh, that glamour!
Women's 1930s fashion was characteristically long and sleek. The flapper look of the '20s was now out, and a more sophisticated look — influenced by Hollywood movies — was in. More muted colors were popular, as were deep colors. Fabrics with prints in abstract or geometric patterns were also widely used.

Good Housekeeping tells us the latest Fashions:

The bare-back-beauties show off their evening best

 Slender arms, strapy dresses

It's all about wrapping yourselves in FUR, ladies!

Shirred ribbons, sleeves, sequins and flowers were all highlighted as potentially able to make a 1932 fashion statement for the woman of elegance - the distinguished woman.

 These dresses above have an oriental influence

 Shirts, bows and tilted hats

 Becoming necklines, becoming sleeves

 Silk undergarmnets for a perfect fit!

 Hand-made lingerie, ladies favorite!

 Gorgeous day-wear garments

Many 30's hats were worn tilted to one side. As brims became flatter and wider so crowns lowered and by 1933 there was the hat style that was almost like a pancake panama.

 My personal favorite style 

 As the title writes: "Wider shoulders, higher waistlines and slender skirts"

"New shapes, new colors, new materials 
make hats of supreme importance!"

Some more gorgeous lady's outfits:

 "Smart new two-piece jacket frock for the first warm days" and
""One plain silk, one printed to wear now or later"

 "Ride, play golf or bask in the sun"

 "The time! The place! The fashion!"

 Yet another set of perfect day-wear.. all of them I'd gladly wear

Smart, semi-made clothes with all difficult sewing completed
Brilliant idea!

1930's, I adore you.
Do you like the sleek-style that followed the "Flapper"?

♥♥ Pinky Honey


  1. Though a lot of the garments of the era don't do my (short, curvy) figure any favours, I do wholeheartedly adore them. There was such an understated coolness, a sublime chicness and glamorous beauty to many of the fashions of the thirties. I might not wear them often, but I'll always adore seeing them, and like yourself, sharing them with others.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you, dear.
      I agree with you - I doubt it can go more "chick" than mid-1930's. :D


  2. !!! ahhh they are all so beautiful, my heart is racing!

  3. Yes, they are.. thank you, dear.
    The drawings themselves are wonderful. And the clothes they present are the reason I do this. :)