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Saturday, 6 July 2013

125 years of PARKER pen

Hello everyone.

The Parker Pen has become a regular siting in boardrooms, offices and schools around the world. Whether you are looking for a fun Jotter, the practical Vector a stylish Sonnet or the elegant Duofold.

My story with Parker started back in the early '90, when I went  to school for the first time. On my return, my daddy gave me one (and only!) Parker pen that I still own, still use and still love.

My trusty Parker Vector Roller Ball  - no frills, no fuss, just function!

Ever since, I've spent countess hours staring at the amazing designs, golden tips, master craftsmanship:

Parker 38 in box: legendary black hard rubber eyedropper-filler with overlay of gold filled snakes with green rhinestone eyes

Parker 47 in box: iconic black hard rubber "Pregnant Parker" eyedropper-filler

Parker 15 in box: black hard rubber eyedropper-filler, gold filled filigree cap, pearl slabbed barrel

♥♥  The History ♥♥

Selling pens to his students to make ends meet, George Safford Parker wants to create the unexpected: a pen without ink leaks!

George Safford Parker establishes the Parker Pen Company.

It seems his wish has come true. George Safford Parker patents his first fountain pen in 1889

Parker patents the Lucky Curve, a system whereby ink is returned to the reservoir by capillary action and ink leakage is greatly reduced.

Parker advertisement, The Lucky Curve Fountain Pen, 1903

The Parker Company launches the Duofold fountain pen. Known as the 'Big Red', it is the most contemporary pen of its time, but also the most prestigious and expensive.

Parker Duofold 1924 Advertisement

The creation of Parker 51 marks a major achievement with its hooded nib and a new ink that dries as soon as it touches the paper. Probably the best pen of the century.

In 1939, when the concept is ready, the company celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Although the ballpoint pen emerged in the mid-forties, Parker waits until this date to complete the collection with Parker Jotter, the first quality ballpoint pen with a large refill. Definitely worth the wait.

The first Jotter advertisement from Life magazine Apr 26th 1954.

A vintage year, a wave of new creations. The Parker Vector rollerball makes its much-applauded appearance, followed by the Vector fountain pen, ballpoint pen, and pencil.

The Sonnet represents a veritable best seller. Inspired by great models of the past, it sensitively incorporates cutting edge of new technology.

Poetry or prose.. the writer's pen. 

Parker 100 joins the family and offers modern technology with the hooded nib concept

A new age in pen innovation has arrived. Parker Ingenuity stuns the writing world with its unique, groundbreaking Parker 5THTM technology.

The Parker 5th Technology is named as such because it it is the genuine fifth way of writing, after the fountain pen, ball point, roller ball, and mechanical pencil. 

There's a word that pens, paper and letter-writing altogether are history (and, someone added: should stay there). I doubt that's true. For one, I still enjoy writing a letter to a friend, even if I do hear from her using New Technology.. and she appreciates the written word.

Pens give life to words, just look at some of the advertisement I've collected:

♥♥ 1930s ♥♥

♥♥ 1940s ♥♥

♥♥ 1950s ♥♥

"It was the time before New Technology" I hear you say.. Yes, but what is the difference?! 
  1. People had more time. - we still have the time, just need to adjust it. Step away from Digital Social Life, and make time for real life.
  2. My handwriting is awful! - so was mine. You know how they always say: "practice makes perfect"; no one's writing is magnificent at the beginning.. they've made it.
  3. I have nothing to write about. - really?! Have you really nothing to write about.. because most of us have blogs nowadys.. that's writing.
  4. There's no one to write to. - yes, there is. There always is someone who's exchanging various kinds of messages with us (I don't even dare start listing all the Social Media for message-exchanging). so, there's people.. 

“Never make excuses. Your friends don't need them and your foes won't believe them.”
― John Wooden
I bet no one would mind getting this in the mail:, use your pens. That's why they exist.

♥♥ Pinky Honey


  1. What an excellent, engaging look back at the history and evolution of one of the best known pen brands in the world. I thoroughly enjoyed this post, dear gal - thank you for sharing so much about Parker Pens with us.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Many thanks, too, for your lovely blog comment this weekend. It's so very nice to "meet" you.

    1. Dear Jessica,
      Thank you ever so much for your comment - and for taking the time to read my post. It feels so nice to know that there's someone out there caring enough to give this Pinky-thing a look.

      It is very nice to "meet" you too.


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    1. Hello there!
      I stopped by your blog, and I must say: Admirable, lovely and filled with interesting information.

      Thank you for stopping by.