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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Midweek magazines

Today's pick: ♡LIFE magazine, June 21st 1937

Comes June, the month of marriages, and the photographers start seeking new approaches to old subjects. Just to show what has already been accomplished in this field, LIFE here-with offers some samples of freak wedding pictures, chosen at random from files of regular agencies. 
The pictures on these pages fall into two categories: the American wedding in which the ceremony itself is out of the ordinary (i.e. couple gets married in whale's mouth); and the English wedding, in which postnupital proceedings are somewhat unusual (i.e. the newlywed butcher marches out of the church under the arch of cleavers). 
The English touches are generally more appropriate, the American touches are more imaginative. The latter are mostly done for the sake of publicity. 
There are many types of weddings not represented here - weddings in rowboats, at nudist camps, and up in airplanes. 
The Airplane-wedding is by now definitely Old-fashioned. No one, least no cameraman, pays any attention on aerial wedding. As a matter of facts the "wedding above the clouds" is older that generally supposed.  
As far back as in 1865, an American couple signed a marriage contract in a balloon over Manhattan. This was logical development of the feat of a Belgian balloonist who, around 1810, took of on his honeymoon in a balloon from Brussels and landed, without incident, in a cow pasture, some miles out of town. 

I hope you've had a laugh.

♡Pinky Honey

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