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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Love Story: Husband Hunter


This last week of September has brought me some cold mornings and crispy evenings. As much as I love Autumn's joys, the notion of yet another heating season (for those of us who do not have central heating systems) brings some frowns. Last night was the first "fire-up" day of the season - a task that I will have each day up until.. May?!
But, what matters is: we are "covered" when it comes to a quantity of wood. :)

You see a woodsman in this story,
I tel you there's surely some action here
(and it's well wort reading!)  :)

A giant bear - I told you there was action :)

The thing is: this has not changed much, this situation we have just read. There are still the times when people chose comfort over joy, and make the decision to spend a "comfortable" life stripped of all feelings, emotions and even some elemental respect for the other side - because the idea of being provided with all material goods has overruled.
I suppose we all make our choices.
Have a lovely Sunday.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Snack smart:Wholesome oat bran muffins

Hello everybody

Happy Friday, everyone!
Just because it's the end of the work week, it does not make it the end of a healthy-eating and a well-being week (actually, that never ends!) :) Surely, I fall into the category of people who often tend to celebrate the Friday afternoon with something sweet - but, having a bit too much of the "something sweet" does not fit into "a small celebration of the coming weekend" :)
One should never deny themselves all the things (food, for instance) that make them happy - but we all must beware of our actual needs, our special heath regiment and try to make the best possible balance of the two.

This is another muffin recipe.
There are SO MANY cheerful yet healthy recipes for snacks
and we can all satisfy

This is the most simple, yet most variable version I think there is. You can:
- opt any of the ingredients for their substitute,
- go vegan with adding extra oil instead of eggs,
- get you bran into a chopper and make a flour (to avoid the chewy taste),
- use one cup bran and one cup of any flour of your liking (regular, rice.. even pea!)
- use molasses instead of honey.. or try different types of honey
There's too many TV shows that show both sides of baking: one side tells a tale of "throw in anything". the other tells about the precision for perfect results. To me, baking, as you can see in this example, is quite forgiving. That's why I like it.
That is why I'd love it if you'd give it a go and let me know about it.

Do you like muffins?
(remind me to buy a new muffin "tin" made out of silicone; I have tested one of those and it does not melt in the oven - an irrational fear of mine)  :)

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Midweek magazines: It's perfectly proper for you to look whatever you do.

Hello everybody.

An age old question of "do I look good?" has not changed at all, in all the time we've had mirrors. Giving a look, then a second one. Lifting a brow. Putting the mirror down, looking around for the closest person, to ask this eternal question. Alas, at most times the good old "you're fine" answer does us no good. and then we give the mirror another look.

Seeking for the personal imperfections seems to be a master-skill most of us learn at the early ages. All it takes is for one kid to tell us something about freckles on our face and we are forever bound to carry the notion of "freckle face" in our hearts. It takes one mean kid to tease us about our bony knees, and we're going to spend the lifetime trying to fight-off the "ugly knees" drama. 
Picking on someone who seems emotionally or physically weaker provides a feeling of being more important, popular, or in control. In other cases, kids bully because they simply don't know that it's unacceptable to pick on kids who are different because of size, looks, race, or religion.
There are just so many ways to feel bad and it seems so easy to have a bad mood. Yet, getting over all of the bad may be hard, but a smile is a powerful weapon. It makes everyone's face glow. As hard as it may look in the beginning, a pure and joyful smile helps, empowers and fights off all the potential bad things. It takes some practice. But it works. :)
Have a glowing Wednesday!

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Love Story: Get-propelled Romeo

Hello everybody

Another week is behind us. As we're doing our daily jobs, our chores and our hobbies - time passes and summer is almost gone. If you are like me, someone who likes rising up early, you too could feel the smell of Autumn in the morning air. And next week, we will officially enter it's bronze gates.
Like I have written many times before, this is the peak of the winter's crop preparation. Those who have highly productive gardens are now spending almost every moment available to get the crops out of the ground and into pantry, into jars, into bottles...

Still, there is a bit of time to stop 
and take a look at today's action-packed story 
(BEWARE: there is some miss-fortune in this one)

I told you there's action here.

Just another little hint, my friends: this is also the time to prep our houses for the coming rain season. And we do have rains and winds over here, Checking roof tiles, proofing windows, finishing-up the outdoor painting of the house.. take you pick :)
Have a happy Sunday.